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Since the beginning, inventors have played an essential role in shaping our way of life. They are known, by many, as visionaries who fought conventional thinking and, ultimately, brought societal advancement. In the twenty-first century, we continue to benefit from their creative genius.

For this reason, Mactra-Mec pledges cutting-edge resources and technical experience to assist future pioneers. Moreover, we built a philosophy that is beneficial to our clients and utilizes “pillars” to create a breakthrough.   

No matter your background, our engineers stand prepared to accompany you on this formidable enterprise.

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Inventors encounter a plethora of challenges while designing their products. One obstacle, all too common, is the lack of mental clarity to determine a viable course of action.
At Mactra-Mec, we initiate the process with preliminary client-consultant discussions to help determine the scope of work and milestones to accomplish. Once a consensus is reached, our team drafts a customized plan that maps out the steps to produce the desired outcome.


Our firm encourages inventors to utilize Computer-Aided Design (CAD) resources as part of the drafting process. One key benefit is the flexibility to modify product aesthetics without financial repercussions. The method is also effective at performing parametric studies with realistic results.
No matter the task, CAD remains the smartest choice when it comes to prototype development.


After following a meticulous plan, prescribed by Mactra-Mec, the client will contemplate a preview of the prototype. A thorough review of aesthetics, functionality, and financial data must follow before proceeding to manufacture. Any unforeseen discrepancies will require an iterative process until predictions match expectations.


Mactra-Mec integrates every aspect of design and development into specialized courses. We utilize prior experience and knowledge to cover subjects, including problem analysis, cost estimation, simulation data evaluation, and manufacturing planning.
Overall, our curriculum applies to inventors of all backgrounds.

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